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Stuart Dudley, Supply Chain
Associate Partner

Stuart is a strategic business leader with 25+ years experience as a Senior Executive with an executive level Global Procurement focus with an unparalleled, proven ability to effectively motivate and manage large procurements teams.

Stuart has provided consistent delivery of significant returns and savings across a wide range of disciplines which include Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, construction, Engineering, Themed Attractions and more.

Throughout his career Stuart has gained solid operational management and general business skills with an in-depth and functional knowledge of sourcing and procurement principles and best practices.

Stuart’s experience includes VP Sales of Janus where his role was to set up the APAC business from scratch and developing all services, contracts and operational necessities, including hiring of team members.

As Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain Management at Kerzner International, Stuart restructured and set up the procurement division for the Group and ran global procurement department including Dubai, Morocco, Bahamas, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico and Australia.

As CEO of Vision Hotel Services, an independent purchasing company, Stuart handled $1.5bn of clients’ expenditures.

He was Vice President Strategic Sourcing with Hilton where he restructured the $1bn procurement function and transformed the procurement function into a strategic centered led global organization.

In addition to this positions Stuart has experience with Whitbread, Four Seasons, DeVere and has established strong relationships across the procurement value chain to fully understand best practices in supply chain management both at an operational level as well at a strategic level

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